Non-player characters
  • Special-Agent-in-Charge Patrick Hobbson: Hobbson runs the FBI office in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Nakamura (real name unknown): Nakamura is a Delta Green friendly who works in some capacity in the New York Police Department.
  • Agent Drake (real name unknown): Drake is the head of Cell D.
  • Inspector Johann Baldwin: Baldwin is a Delta Green friendly in the US Postal Service. He lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Agent Felix (real name unknown): Felix is the head of Cell F.
  • Ms. Green (real name unknown): Green is a Delta Green friendly who assists in recruitment.
  • Agent Cyrus (real name unknown): Cyrus is the head of Cell C. He's currently the head of Delta Green's Stephen Alzis task force.
  • Agent Ophelia (real name unknown): Ophelia is a member of Cell O. She recently had dealings with Stephen Alzis.
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