Our team has bumped into a number of shady organizations on their ops.

  • Amalgamated Bio-Carb: The characters still arren't sure about what is going on behind their doors, but they do know something unnatural has taken place.
  • The Ecotopian: The Ecotopian is a radical environmental magazine published out of Berkely. They have ties to a number of eco-terror groups.
  • Club Apocalypse: Club Apocalypse is a mysterious goth/punk club in New York City. The owner appears to be Stephen Alzis.
  • The Trident Group: The Trident Group is a civilian organization whose members work as consultants for law-enforcement agencies on difficult cases. Its members are mostly scientists, psychologists, and lawyers, all of whom have an uncanny knack for breaking cases wide open.
  • Nuevas Fronteras: NF is a shady shell corporation used by someone or some other company to manufacture a reanimation agent that brings the dead back to a semblance of living. Who it operates for is currently unknown.
  • Whole Earth Enterprises and Teese Paper Products: These are two more companies with ties to Stephen Alzis.
  • The Karotechia: An organization of surviving Nazis eager to establish the fourth reich with help from the spirit of Adolph Hitler himself.
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