Investigator's Open Items
  • Visit the kitchen to determine the identity and role of the Short Asian Men.
  • Why is Special Agent Ralph Tucker working during leave? Does he have a personal connection to the phenomenon? Did he kill or steal from Atticus Smallidge?
  • Who is the butler? Where did he come from? Are the butler and Zora Smallidge conspirators in Horace "Diamond" Walsh's recent lack of effectiveness?
  • Consider that there may be several gods fighting a battle here in Massachusetts. The boat/fish god is anti birds and violence and his followers may be related to individuals from the Innsmouth blight. However, there is a violent, bird controlling, and face stealing god somewhere; possibly with or being Zora Smallidge and Gilbert Dubois. This god could be Nyarlathotep. There are people getting sacrificed to a third god identified as Shub Niggurath.
  • Study the crows to determine where people of interest stand. Are they for humanity or for the phenomenon?
  • Go back and destroy the cancerous potential elder god in the boat.
  • Question Kittrell Manufacturing Board of Directors. Also research their association with any of the organizations under inquiry
  • David Carlson and Stephen Peele are trying to learn possible nefarious secrets by staying at Kittrell Manufacturing after hours and/or stealing Austin Kittrell's briefcase.
  • Determine, and avoid, the circumstances surrounding David Carlson future death as seen in document 3.
  • Shadow "Hat" Carlisle. Gilbert Dubois and Zora Smallidge may try to hurt or kill him as David Carlson's offhand comments made him appear to be a problem.
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