Jaysons Stock Adventures

Reservoir Corpse

A modern Action-Horror adventure I ran at last year's Emerald City Game Fest. Has pregenerated characters and uses the Nemesis version of the One Roll Engine.

Six criminals, strangers to each other, are hired by a reclusive bibliophile to carry out the robbery of a priceless eldritch tome. Each thief is given a code name to hide their identify and very specific instructions on how to handle themselves during the heist. The plan starts to fall apart after the gang is suddenly surrounded by cops and monstrous beasts begin to attack.

"So this guy I know calls up and tells me he's got a thing that someone like me might be interested in doing. It's a little job, easy like, just walk into a store and grab some book. Now when people start talking about easy jobs somebody's usually lying, but the more I hear about this caper the more I'm thinkin' that this one's gonna be a walk in the park. Worried about hitting a book store? Forget-about-it. Now all I gotta do is figure out how to pronounce the funny nick-name I got: Mr. Yog-Sothoth"

Orbital Decay

A Sci-Fi Action-Horror adventure, mostly ripped from the Transhuman space adventure of the same name, that I ran at a Puget Sound RolePlayer's Meeting up. Has pregenerated characters and uses the Nemesis version of the One Roll Engine.

Confidential– For review by Response Team members only

To: Audit Response Team Five
From: ZyTactical Legal and Public Relations Division.
RE: Emergency reassignment

A situation on board an orbital research and manufacturing facility of ZyTactical’s parent company, Total Dynamics Control, requires immediate response. While Team Five is officially suspended from all operations, pending a formal review of the proceedings involving Mars Mining Corporation’s recent security audit, your serendipitous proximity will result in a sanctioned response arriving well before the next closest team.

Upon your arrival at Earth Customs Station the team will be met by a TDC Corporate Security officer and immediately escorted on board a transport vessel already dispatched to ECS. It will not be necessary to pass through customs or quarantine processing.

Mission briefing will occur en-route to the situation.

Successful completion of this assignment will undoubtedly have a beneficial impact upon the Team’s review hearings regarding the Mar’s Mining incident.

Cray Canyon Cold Snap

A Wild-West Action-Horror adventure written by the author of Risus: The Anything RPG. I've run this several times with different systems and time periods (including modern Eastern Europe). This would require character creation for the desired system.

It's mid-winter, 1882, and you've boarded the #40 long-haul, westbound over the Rocky Mountains. Meeting the train just west of Denver in a dining stop at Brown Creek, Colorado, you were among the last passengers to board before the haul up into the snow-laden hills. Your baggage checked, you've settled into the train's third Pullman car, and braced for the journey westward. Your fellow passengers are clustered forward to the heaters, and the conductor is muffled for the weather. Frost plays at the edges of the windowpanes.

Despite the harshness of the winter, everyone is assured of their safety as tickets are taken.

Nothing could be more wrong.

The Migraine Express

A "Run & Gun" space adventure set in a future worthy of a "Sci Fi Channel Original Movie". The Crew and Passengers of the aptly named space ship "The Migraine Express" find themselves caught between mysterious forces after a group of "Pilgrims" have booked passage to an empty area of deep space.

Grim Soiree

A Victorian Action-Horror adventure for the Active Exploits system ( http://badsheep.org/GAMERADD_Files/Grim_Soiree/grim_soiree.html).

The Prodigal Son

A JAGS Wonderland story in which a young man, of uncommon aptitude, is held against his will and rescued by an eclectic team employed by his family. I've run the first half of this adventure a few times, but never managed to finish it (Wonderland is a weird setting to try and have a clean/clear ending). The following is taken from my notes to myself about the adventure:

The Prodigal Son is an adventure for a group of two to four competent characters which uses The JAGS Wonderland sourcebook for the setting, but not the JAGS RPG core rules. While the GM must have some understanding of JAGS Wonderland to confidently run the adventure the players need not have any.

The PCs may come from a wide range of backgrounds and there is no need for them to have previous history together. Some possible character concepts include: Private Investigator, Mental Health expert , Occult or Fringe Science Expert, Lawyer, Thug, Patient at the Hospital , Hospital Administrator , State Inspector , et al. The interaction with NPCs and puzzles should be adapted to spotlight different PC skills (easier locks for B&E types, weaker doors for Bricks).

The game begins with the PCs hired to break an NPC out of a mental hospital. Because of the "unorthodox treatments" being "developed" there the hospital administrators are unlikely to involve the Authorities for anything sort of the PCs committing multiple murders in front of witnesses1 . This ensures that there will be many ways to get into the hospital , but once inside the PCs will quickly find themselves on lower Chessboards unable to escape until they've collected all the pieces of the puzzle. The order in which they do so is unimportant, but the GM must revel that goal early on in order to keep the game going and minimize player frustration.

This adventure should require about eight hours of play time making it suitable as a short run or filler in a longer running campaign , rather than a one shot. However it could be shortened by reducing the number of pieces the PCs must find in order to reduce play time.

The majority of this adventure occurs on the grounds of the Albert Lancing Institute of Cognitive Empathy as they exist on Chessboards 0 to 2 . Because the appearance of the Institute changes noticeably on the lower Chessboards the PCs will find themselves in very strange settings before the story has ended.

It's worth noting that the two times I tried to run this game the system I used (Quick Draw) was so lethal that the "Brick" PC beat several orderlies and guards to death in a very short period of time.

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