Sapphire Rain


Sapphire Rain is still a year or two off from full womanhood. Small and slight she is quick and light on her fleet to be sure but she clearly is not too strong or has much endurance. Her hair is a chestnut brown colour and hangs far down her back. Her clothing is the furs of jungle beasts without adornment or additional markings and in the minimilist style of some of the jungle dwelling tribes. Her eyes are a sharp blue and even with her young years is able to turn heads with either her body or by the strength and determination of her personality. Still there is a quiet to her eyes, of a person still trying to find their footing on treacherous ground. She carries with her the great powerbow Eastern Glory. This famed artifact of crystal and Orichalcum is ever with her.

With her always as well is the great beast known as Twilight Hunter. This product of first age science and sorcery is a great tiger as large as a war horse in colours of ivory, silver and gold. The beast is a magnificent specimen of primal power and often serves as her ally and friend in this world always at her side. Those who get too close to her will get a warning growl from the protective beast who is more then capable of protecting her.


Sapphire Rain was once a young chieftan's daughter in the jungles north and east of the nameless lair of Ma-Ha-Suchi. This tribe had settled near a ruined tomb. Within the tomb lay the skeletal remains of a great beast larger then any they had seen. They settled and came to worship the beast making sacrifices of people to its spirit. She lead a sheltered life and had very little need to work for herself even amongst her people. She was afterall to remain pure, unsullied by the hands of others or by meniel work of the land. She was to be a sacrifice to the beast.

Still she was blessed with quick wit and a charming beauty. Even the local shaman taught her some of the secrets of medicine even knowing he would one day have to cut out her heart to placate their tiger god. When the time came to end her life and offer her up to the bones of the tiger a change came upon her. Her body flared in golden essence and the bones came to life. Before her own terrified eyes and those of her people the tiger's flesh returned to it and Twilight Hunter walked the world again though weaker then before. A roar sent everyone but her scattering for she felt a primal tug in her heart to the beast and it recognized its master reborn. She claimed the bow that lay in the sarcophagus under where the beasts bones had been and fled her village. She did not have the courage to face them after her change.

She went north and east. Memories returned to her and she soon mastered the bow in less then a year. Her beast instructed her in how to survive in the wild and move with the cat's stealth. He taught her the ancient language even as she learned how to ride. She came across something then in her travels that changed her life. First she stumbled upon the terrible Moss Fens, where one of the Deathlord's laired. Her first exposure to the place, the first time she had even seen much less felt the terrible essence of a Shadowland. Unwilling to brave it and sensing the terrible evil within she fled south anew. She found a hunting lodge. One hidden and lost in the jungles that was once claimed to a Lunar in times past. As she stayed there to gather her courage she resolved herself to a course of action.

She would battle the Shadowlands. She would gather people and elementals and together they could wipe out the ghosts in the land and then work the land until the Shadowland was no more. She was an eclipse afterall. Though she was inexperienced in the world's ways she would learn. She would gather spirit and man to stop the dead's enroachment on the living. She even had some small success. A very minor shadowland which had been formed by the ritualized combat between two tribes was destroyed after the convinced them to agree to perform ritualized non-lethal combats and help seed the land with life to reform it. From them she learned of Riverspeak and just how vast the world is. Also that there are rumors of more like her. Something she wishes to discover for herself.

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