Trail of Cthulhu

Campaign Frame

1114 Black Street

It's like Indiana Jones meets Repo Man.

The players have decided that they are going to be working for a semi-legitimate business that provides antiquities to, you know, people and istitutions who want to buy them and stuff… It's not really clear at this point. The business is run out of a Chinese cleaners and is known only by it's address: 1114 Black Street. The propriator, Mr. Dim Sum calles on various operatives depending on the needs of the adventure job.

The game is set in Cambridge, MA, 'cause it's close to Arkham and all those creepy northeastern areas. Also the existance of local colleges might make it easier to find people looking for antiquities, or people who can help find them.

The campaign is going to be Pulp (with a 3 to 2 vote), emphacising dread over gore, and allowing the pcs to be criminal.

There is going to be no insistance that the pcs are dogooders; at the same time, they aren't allowed to be psychos.

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